Helpful Organisations

When you call or visit us for advice we do our utmost to help you. If there are no dates available with one of our case workers within the timeframe you require, or you need help with a problem we are not yet covering, we will “sign post” – that is aim to give you information about one of the many national organisations or those in the Greater Manchester area that may able to help you.

Please visit GMLC, call reception on 0161 769 2244 or email to get further information. We are open for phone calls or visits to our offices, for new or general enquiries from Monday to Thursday, 10am-3pm. We are open on Fridays for appointments only.

Citizens Advice: 

DWP enquiries: 03456 088 545

National Debt Line: 0808 808 4000,

PIP Helpline: 03458 503 322,

Universal Credit: tel. 03456 000 723,

Please click on the area you need assistance with below.


Find a Legal Aid advisor

The government website includes this useful tool for finding a legal advisor in an area of law you might need.

Click here to find a legal aid solicitor near you: Find a legal aid adviser or family mediator (


GMPA Manchester Advice Map

Greater Manchester has a fantastic network of hard-working and dedicated organisations providing useful help and advice to those experiencing poverty. However, knowing exactly where to turn to can be challenging. Thanks to the excellent work of our friends at the Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA) finding out how to reach these organisations is now easier than ever.

GMPA coordinates networks of organisations and individuals to reduce poverty across Greater Manchester. They provide opportunities, ideas and support to encourage and strengthen collaboration, to collectively influence policy and practice to address poverty in Greater Manchester.

Below you will find a map created by the GMPA locating providers of free advice in your local community and the wider Greater Manchester area. Click the ‘View Larger Map’ button to expand the view.