What is the Income Maximisation campaign?

The Income Maximisation campaign is a long-standing GMLC campaign to push for a fairer social security system. We support people to realise and campaign for their welfare rights. Together with disability rights campaigners and other organisations such as Unite the Community, we argue for higher and fairer benefits, less punitive government welfare systems, and access to welfare for all those who need it. As part of the campaign, we also challenge the barriers to financial security, like exploitative employers and predatory money lenders. We work with trade unions, debt resistance groups and others fighting economic injustice.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic

There have been over 2 million new Universal Credit claims since March 2020 and we estimate that there have been over 100,000 job losses across Greater Manchester as a result of COVID-19. The adverse effects of the pandemic will be felt by our communities over next few months at least, and potentially far longer. GMLC is committed to assisting those that are struggling.

We wish to ensure residents have immediate support through the specific COVID-19 programs available but as importantly ensure that individuals and families can access the income they are entitled to through our welfare rights take up campaign. The benefits system is daunting at the best of times, with many people and families trying to navigate this for the first time.

The Take-up Service: We are offering a diagnostic income check service to residents across Greater Manchester that can be accessed through our website and telephone line on 0161 769 2244. This will involve a check of benefits, grants and other support that may be available including potential access to longer term health and disability related benefits.

Examples from GMLC’s welfare campaigning

  • We joined up with disability rights activists to protest against government cuts to disability benefits and the rollout of Universal Credit.
  • We distributed 10,000+ leaflets to food banks in the Greater Manchester area to identify people who might be having difficulties with benefits and offer legal advice and support.
  • We took part in Unite the Community’s Day of Action against cuts to Universal Credit (see picture to the right).

Check out our articles below for some of our recent welfare rights and benefits campaigning.

Image shows our leaflet asking "Worried about money?"
Image showing our staff member Josie holding up two placards,one on the left that says "Greater Manchester Law Centre Says" and on the right says "No cuts to universal credit". Josie is smiling and the background is the GMLC office - mostly grey filing cabinets.
Our team member Josie on Unite's Day of Action against cuts to Universal Credit, 9th December 2020.

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