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Welfare Benefit Case worker

We are hiring: Welfare Benefits Casework Supervisor/Solicitor

Demanding access to justice for all. Supporting the creation of a new generation of fully funded social welfare lawyers. And fighting together for free access to independent, high quality face-to-face legal advice and representation, for everyone in need across the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. People are facing greater and greater hardship as a result of…

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Together with you: #FightingforFreeAccesstoJustice. We are looking for a Welfare Benefits Casework Supervisor/Solicitor to join @gmlawcentre. #JobOpening #JobSearch #Vacancy #Manchester Please SHARE or APPLY here:
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A great opportunity to join us, #FightingforFreeAccesstoJustice: We are looking for a Welfare Benefits Casework Supervisor/Solicitor at @gmlawcentre. #JobOpening #JobSearch #Vacancy #Manchester Apply here:
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Manchester City Council states it will now “carefully consider” the results of the consultation. We urge MCC to scrap the PSPO proposal insofar as it is inconsistent with their own values and it criminalises the homeless and rough sleepers of Manchester
1 day ago
Thurs 30th May 6:30pm, @YLALawyers event at @mmu_law. Five speakers, including our Roz Burgin and barristers from @gcnchambers, discussing campaigns, legal issues and debates behind some of this year’s biggest news stories.
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Despite stating the benefit cap is "undoubtedly harsh" the Supreme Court rejected an appeal leaving single parents unable to afford basic necessities. We continue to fight for a just welfare system. Join the fight: volunteer
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We stand in solidarity with  those affected by the appalling treatment of the Windrush generation. At our premises in Moss Side, Manchester, we have been receiving dozens of inquiries from our local community worried about their immigration status. Whilst GMLC currently does not offer immigration advice, we offer some guidance for those affected.

But we also say that this scandal was not an anomaly, but a consequence of the Government’s ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy. We are campaigning for a change in the law to protect people’s rights.

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Windrush immigration and asylum support enquiries


We need new laws so that Windrush never happens again

“We can’t just scrabble to give advice to people queuing out the door. The focus needs to be on challenging legislation and the treatment of migrants as a whole” says GMLC employee Roz Burgin.

GMLC response to the Windrush compensation consultation

We ask, for reasons set out in our article, in addition to compensation based on individual circumstances, a minimum amount is given to everyone affected by the scandal with an additional set amount given to anyone who travelled back to the UK after a visit abroad.

We also propose that clear and simple details of the compensation scheme, and ways of applying for it, are publicised widely, including directly with all advice agencies working in the communities affected.

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU) and Kenworthys Chambers respond to the Windrush compensation consultation

“We propose that the government agree to pay everyone affected by the ‘Windrush’ scandal a minimum level of General Compensatory Damages. This is in addition to compensation payments to be made based on a persons’ individual circumstances”  – GMIAU

“There needs to be both a political and commercial response to right the tragic wrong[s] which has been done to far too many, by providing a reparative payment that truly reflects the harm done to all those who have been wronged. A baseline figure [£10,000] should be given to all and be increased on a case by case basis depending on the complexity of each case” – Kenworthys Chambers

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GMLC and GMIAU join forces to win important victory over DWP for Windrush victim

Windrush victim wins appeal against £30,000.00 repayment demand and receives £8,041.01 in back-dated benefits. GMLC represented him in his DWP case and GMIAU represented him in his immigration case.
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