Changing guidance on evictions

If you are a Greater Manchester resident and you have been served with an eviction notice, you may wish to get in touch with GMLC at, or call 0161 749 2244. If you are outside Greater Manchester, you may wish to contact a law centre local to you or call Shelter’s legal advice line. You may also wish to contact a local tenants’ union, as a branch local to you may have support available for challenging or resisting evictions.

At the moment, due to the changing rules and guidance, we strongly recommend contacting a free legal advisor if you are worried about being evicted. 

Who has some protection as a result of COVID-19?

At the beginning of the pandemic the government and the courts took urgent action to protect tenant and home owners losing their homes during and as a result of COVID-19.

In September 2020, the courts started issuing and hearing possession cases again. The eviction ban also came to an end at the end of May 2021.

If you receive Notice from your landlord, or a possession claim from the court, it is really important to get legal advice as soon as possible to see whether you can defend possession proceedings and protect your home.

If you are at risk of eviction because of rent arrears, check out our Protect Your Rent Payments page for further advice.

What happens if landlords try to evict unlawfully?

There is a very real risk that bad landlords may try to get round the temporary legal protections against eviction or extensions of Notice periods and force tenants to leave by making threats, changing the locks or cutting off services.

Get urgent legal advice to know your rights, warn your landlord, apply for an injunction to stop your landlord attempting to evict you or for an order to get you back into the property. If you are a Greater Manchester resident, contact or call 0161 749 2244.

Unlawful eviction is a criminal offence. If you need to stop an eviction that is happening, you should call 999.

The Debt Respite Scheme

As of 4 May 2021, you may be entitled to get some ‘breathing space’ on your debts, including rental debt, under the Debt Respite Scheme. ‘Breathing space’ lasts for up to 60 days, and it gives you legal protections from creditor action for up to 60 days. The protections include pausing most enforcement action and contact from creditors and freezing most interest and charges on debts. The period of ‘breathing space’ aims to give you time to speak to a debt advisor and find another solution before your landlord can take action against you. This includes a ‘stay’ on possession proceedings, which means that it will delay court action if you are facing eviction.

A period of ‘breathing space’ may be applied by one of the following parties:

  • a debt advice provider who is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to offer debt counselling
  • a local authority (where they provide debt advice to residents)

Get in contact with your local authority or an independent debt advisor to discuss your options.



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