Protect – YOUR HOME!

The government and the courts have confirmed there is COVID-19 Protection from Eviction until 23 August 2020.

Who is now protected from eviction?

Most people (renters and homeowners) are now protected from eviction until 23 August 2020.

If your landlord served Notice, or possession proceedings were issued at court before 26 March 2020 – the courts have decided that these cases will be suspended until 23 August 2020.

Any new possession proceedings are also stayed until after 23 August and all Notices served after the 26 March have to be at least 3 months long.

If you have been served with a Section 21 Eviction Notice by your landlord – don’t panic. Click here for further information about what your landlord needs to do to serve a valid s21 Notice.

If you at risk of eviction because you are struggling to pay your rent, click here to find out what help is available.


Who is not protected from eviction?

People who are not covered by the Protection from Eviction Act and who can be evicted by their landlord without an order from the court remain at risk. These include:

· lodgers

· homeless people who have been given temporary accommodation until they receive a duty decision or who are living in a council or housing association hostel and

· some people where accommodation is part of their employment,

· asylum seekers living in asylum accommodation

Get urgent legal advice – if you are one of these people and are threatened with eviction, contact or

call 0161 749 2244.


What happens if landlords try to evict unlawfully?

There is a very real risk that bad landlords may try to get round the temporary legal protection against eviction and force tenant to leave by making threats, changing the locks or cutting off services.

Get urgent legal advice to know your rights, warn your landlord, apply for an injunction to stop your landlord attempting to evict you or for an order to get you back into the property. or

call 0161 749 2244



Unlawful eviction is a criminal offence if you need to stop an eviction that is happening you should call 999.

Contact or call 0161 749 2244 

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