We at the GMLC are a campaigning organisation. We are actively fighting Government cuts to legal aid and for the restoration of funding and support for all who need legal advice and representation. We are also fighting to change Government welfare reform policy. The vulnerable in our community face real hardship, and we are using our experience enact real change through strategic litigation. On this page you can find out all about our campaigning activities.


UN rapporteur: the devastating relationship between legal aid cuts, poverty and ‘the systematic immiseration of millions’

By Brocho Nemetsky Brocho is a volunteer at the GMLC. She is interested in learning about our rights, and helping others to do the same. She works as a paralegal at Brian Barr Solicitors, and hopes to work as a Barrister.     On 5 November 2018, Philip Alston, the Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty…

Journalist Frances Ryan

“As a disabled journalist, I wanted disabled people’s voices to be heard”

At GMLC we strive to amplify the voices of people who come through our door. We are committed to challenging the stigmatisation of benefit claimants as lazy, feckless frauds who need to be sanctioned, threatened, frightened and punished back into work. You can read more in our manifesto here. The article below was originally published…