The people affected by this are

a) any commonwealth citizen who came to the UK before 1/1/73 and has been living in the UK continuously since arrival.

b) any wife and child of a commonwealth citizen who was here before the 1/1/1973. The wife or child must have come in ( or made an application to come here) before the 1/8/1988 and must also have lived here continuously since arrival.

‘Continuously’ means not having been abroad for more than 2 years at any one time.

If you think that you fall into one of these categories then:

Phone the Government Helpline number 0800 678 1925.

  • They will ask for name, nationality, date of entry and phone contact.
  • Your case will be is allocated to a caseworker who checks their system to see if they have any record of you.
  • The caseworker will then phone back and take further details from you: address, phone number, date of entry, national insurance number and will pass the information onto their interview section. This phone call is normally around  week after your initial phone call.
  • They will then phone back in a few days and arrange a time for you to go to the local Immigration office (Liverpool if you are from Greater Manchester) to have your fingerprints and photo taken as well as to hand over your documents.

At the interview

  • You will be asked whether you want British nationality or a no time limit card – you should ask for both.
    • the no time limit card will be issued within 2 weeks
    • the British nationality certificate will take longer as this is processed by the nationality department.
  • The original of your documents are given back after being scanned.
  • They will reimburse cost of the travel on production of tickets.
  • after the nationality certificate is issued you can apply for a free passport.

The documents you need are

  • Proof that you were here before 1/1/73 or 1/8/88 (depending on which category you fall into).
  • Further documents to show that you have bene in the UK since arrival.

There has been an assurance that no one is going to be detained.



The government has said that it will compensate those ‘who have suffered loss’.

As the first stage of the compensation process they are carrying out a consultation and have asked people ( and organisations) to email  them on or write to them at  Windrush Compensation Scheme team Home Office 2nd Floor Peel 2 Marsham Street London SW1P 4DF.

The deadline for the responses is 11.59pm on 8 June 2018 and they want thoughts on the following questions.

  1. Please can you tell us something about your personal background and what went wrong for you?
  2. How did that affect you, both in practical terms and more generally?
  3. When did you first know there was a problem?
  4. What kinds of losses did you experience, as a direct or indirect result of the problems you encountered?
  5. What do you think we need to do, in terms of a compensation scheme, to put it right?

It is important for people to respond to this and, in particular, outline the indirect problems  that they have had because of their fear that they have no status. For example, people affected have often been told by travel agents not to leave the UK because of the possibility of not being allowed back. It is important for the government to be aware of the distress this has caused individuals.

The consultation paper is available on


If you need further help:

Contact Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU)

Phone 0161 7407722 or email for enquiries about representation.