At the Greater Manchester Law Centre, we have a vision of a fairer society and we believe that every one of us has a part to play. We simply cannot stand silently by and watch the attack on the most poor and vulnerable in our communities worsen.

In this spirit, in April 2019 we launched our Manifesto ‘Fighting Together for Free Access to Justice’.

GMLC commits to fighting for the full restoration of legal aid, a supportive social security system, the next generation of social welfare lawyers, everyone’s right to a safe and secure home and an end to the hostile environment for benefit claimants and migrants.

We have received widespread encouragement for the demands we have made. MPs, councillors, law practitioners and the people of Greater Manchester have voiced their support for our Manifesto. But this is an ongoing fight and we need your help. If you agree with our demands for a fairer society we welcome you to join us by signing up to our Manifesto below.

We demand change and we urge you to join us in fighting together for free access to justice.

Click HERE to see GMLC’s full manifesto.

GMLC manifesto front cover showing megaphone

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