Please always bring decision letters including the Mandatory Reconsideration Notice, medical evidence, and any other forms that you want help with when you first visit us otherwise we might have to ask you to come back again with this information.

If you require disability access, please let our reception know prior to the appointment so that this can be arranged for you in advance.

If you require help with translating, we ask that you let us know in advance as we are unable to provide professional interpreting service. We do ask that clients come in with an adult who can interpret for them. We reserve the right not to provide advice or information via a child interpreter.

If you have any questions or need further information please call reception on 0161 769 224 or email

How to find us

The Greater Manchester Law Centre (GMLC) is located in Manchester, Moss Side: 159 Princess Road, Manchester, M14 4RE.

You can find further information on how to get to our offices on the Contact Page.

We are open for phone calls or visits to our offices from Monday to Friday, 10am-3pm, if you need further information or need to cancel your appointment.

Or call reception on 0161 769 224 or email