We are constantly working to defend the rights of the most vulnerable in our community. On this page you can read the personal experiences of our clients in dealing with the overly complicated benefits system, and how our specialist volunteers have fought to secure for them what they are entitled to.

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The PIP Claim Process – A Study by GMLC Volunteers

Paul Cosier, Katrina Beitina and Marcia Hutchinson are volunteers at the Greater Manchester Law Centre (GMLC). This article collates widely-felt concerns as reported elsewhere about the Personal Independence Payment claim process, including some of the concerning case-studies regarding people with disabilities or chronic ailments and the difficulties they face in maintaining a claim.

GMLC challenges welfare policy where injustices occur, by drawing on their own casework experience and promoting the stories of those let down by the welfare system. At their recent AGM they announced plans for strategic litigation, where they will bring a legal challenge against welfare policy itself. This article is therefore part of the foundations for legal campaigning.

Paul also conducted a study of the ESA claim process for GMLC, which you can find here”.


The Welfare Benefits Appeal Process – A Client’s Experience

Last week again saw me appearing before the Social Security and Child Support First Tier Tribunal representing a client who had been found fit for work by the Department for Work and Pensions, and was appealing their decision. The case, for me, was a perfect example of the frequent illogical and ill-founded decisions of the…

Three Thank You messages for GMLC

PIP Claim Victory Sue* applied for Personal Independence Payments (PIP), as she has severe mobility difficulties. When she came to GMLC, she was receiving insufficient support, because she had not been awarded the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP. Our excellent volunteer caseworker Shaheen Mansoor assisted Sue in submitting a late mandatory reconsideration…