Westminster General Election announced – what will the parties say about legal aid?

In the last few years, people have faced greater and greater hardship as a result of cuts in benefits, rising homelessness, uncertainties at work and escalating racism.

Meanwhile legal aid, an essential part of the welfare state and the justice system, has been cut again and again.

People facing these problems may be able to pay for a lawyer, if they can find one. But those most in need are those most deprived of access to justice.

What will the political parties commit themselves to doing, in this forthcoming Westminster General Election?

Greater Manchester Law Centre will be calling on them all to take a completely different direction – nationally and in Greater Manchester:

We know that people need access to legal aid and we are asking that the next Government reverses the cuts.

We know that people need walk in, face to face, high quality legal advice and representation and we demand that this is made available to everyone.

We are demanding the resources to ensure a new generation of social welfare lawyers, who are not saddled with years of university debt.

We know how benefit sanctions and lack of affordable housing have damaged people’s lives; and we are saying that all political parties should commit themselves to ending these hardships for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

John Nicholson
Chair, Greater Manchester Law Centre (GMLC)

What do you think?

We invite all our readers to let us know what GMLC and all our supportive friends and organisations should be asking candidates in this Election to say – and, more important, to do.

Please  email ku.gr1511012934o.wal1511012934mg@tn1511012934empol1511012934eved1511012934 with your suggestions.

With the help of your contribution we will develop a survey and send it to all parliamentary candidates.

Please watch out for results.