Supporters’ Page

It would be marvellous if you can establish a community law centre in Moss Side. The very best of luck  to all of you..It is badly needed.’

– Former Court of Appeal Judge, Sir Henry Brooke

Since we have begin, the praise, plaudits and support have been coming in thick and fast. From essential support from our communities, to MPs, senior UK judges, law firms, chambers, trade unions and third sector organisations, the desire for a law centre is apparent.

Statements of Support

‘I fully support the idea of the Greater Manchester Law Centre and congratulate all those involved in getting it off the ground. I am very worried that my constituents are finding it harder and harder to get access to justice and are more and more vulnerable to exploitation by unscrupulous employers. This initiative is of crucial importance and has my complete backing.’
Andy Burnham, Mayor for Greater Manchester, former MP & Shadow Home Secretary

 ‘I fully support a Greater Manchester Law Centre. The Greater Manchester Law Centre will provide  much-needed free, legal support and advice for all.’ –Full letter of support here
Barbara Keeley MP

‘I support the creation of a law centre in Greater Manchester and would welcome it being based in my constituency…I applaud the work that the Greater Manchester Law Centre Steering Group are doing and I look forward to working together when they have established a permanent base.’ –Full letter of support here
Lucy Powell MP

‘As a Barrister I have long believed that it is the responsibility of any government to ensure access to justice as part of the rule of law. Publically-funded law should stand in equal importance to our priorities on NHS, housing and education. Tragically it is a responsibility that our government has failed to acknowledge since introducing its legal aid reforms, which inevitably have hurt the most vulnerable in our society. I know, from the hundreds of people who contact me, how difficult life has become for many in the Greater Manchester area. Many are facing serious debts, or the threat of homelessness, and others can simply not afford to speak to a solicitor. That’s why I’m so pleased to hear about the launch of the Greater Manchester Law Centre, a service that will provide invaluable advice and representation to the people who need it most.’
Yasmin Qureshi MP

‘You have my full support so please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything I can do to help. ’
Rebecca Longbailey MP

‘The Greater Manchester Law Centre is an important initiative to ensure that Manchester residents can access legal advice whatever their means. I hope to see this project expand in the future, and I look forward to working closely with them in years to come.’
Jeff Smith MP

‘I am very pleased to support Greater Manchester Law Centre and please to see my union, Unite, supporting and also Kenworthy’s Chambers.’
Julie Ward MEP


Supporting Organisations

  • Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit
  • Kenworthy’s Chambers
  • Women Asylum Seekers Together
  • Safety 4 Sisters
  • Manchester MIND
  • People’s History Museum
  • Manchester Allaince for Community Care
  • FC United of Manchester
  • Freedom from Torture
  • Refugee Action
  • Young Legal Aid Lawyers
  • Northern Save Justice
  • Access to Advice
  • GM Welfare Rights Advisers Group
  • Metropolitan Congregation of Wilbraham St Ninian’s United Reformed Church
  • North West TUC
  • Unite the Union Greater Manchester Community Branch
  • Unite Greater Manchester Social Action Branch North West 389
  • University and College Union (North West)
  • Manchester Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • North West PC Unison
  • Unite NW/55 Fujitsu North West Branch
  • Bolton Trades Union Council
  • Manchester Unison Community and Mental Health Branch
  • National Union of Rail, Maritime & Transport Workers (RMT) – Stockport branch
  • Greater Manchester Centre for Voluntary Organisation (GMCVO)
  • Greater Manchester Poverty Action (GMPA)
  • LGBT Foundation
6 June 2016