Dianne Lai

Campaign & fundraising volunteer

My name is Dianne Lai. I am Lead Volunteer on the GMLC’s Corporate Sponsorship Programme. This programme seeks to provide a framework for law firms and their employees to commit to raising money annually for the GMLC. I suppose, when I think about it, my motivation to volunteer is likely informed by my background and family history.…

Paul Cosier

My previous work experience was as a consultant for twelve years with the Department of Energy designing computer systems; I was the owner/manager for ten years of a travel company; I spent two and a half years as a director of a film development company in the Netherlands and was a director for a further…

IMG_5206 Sarah Wait
Sarah Wait

Welfare benefits caseworker volunteer

Living in Oldham and working in Manchester City Centre means I’m really familiar with the Greater Manchester area and the people who live here. I wanted to volunteer at Greater Manchester Law Centre because I’m passionate about social justice, and I felt that I could use my legal skills and knowledge to help give a…

Arwa Graf

Reception volunteer

I am currently a second year law student at Manchester Metropolitan University. I study Law because of my hopes to one day became a lawyer and join in the fight for access to legal advice! I started volunteering at the Law Centre November 2016 (18 years old) and I have been here ever since. I…