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“Had it not been for the tireless work of my legal team who worked on a pro-bono basis and helped me fight the label of “terrorist” in the civil courts, I would never have been able to redeem myself or move on with my life. The right to justice is a right that all people deserve, and I am happy but mostly relieved that the Greater Manchester Law Centre will work with the people of Manchester to protect this right.”

-Dr Rizwaan Sabir

Welfare Benefits

Support with Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

By appointment only (self-referrals or via organisations)

MONDAY:  ESA50 Form completion & PIP Form completion


THURSDAY: ESA failed Work Capability Assessment appeals (failed medical assessment)


The GMLC caseworkers can advise, assist and represent people who are appealing against negative ESA decisions where there is:

  • Failure to attend a medical assessment
  • Failed medical assessment
  • Being put in the work-related activity group and not the support group
  • Sanctions
  • Right to reside
  • Overpayments

If you wish to refer to the services please contact us by phone 0161 769 2244 or email  *protected email*



Here is a list of all the services we will be launching soon

23 May 2016