Services: Free Legal Advice

“Had it not been for the tireless work of my legal team who worked on a pro-bono basis and helped me fight the label of “terrorist” in the civil courts, I would never have been able to redeem myself or move on with my life. The right to justice is a right that all people deserve, and I am happy but mostly relieved that the Greater Manchester Law Centre will work with the people of Manchester to protect this right.”

-Dr Rizwaan Sabir

All advice at Greater Manchester Law Centre, 159 Princess Road, Moss Side, Manchester, M14 4RE.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 10am-3pm

Welfare Benefits

Support with Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

By appointment only (self-referrals or via organisations)


WEDNESDAY:  ESA50 Form completion & PIP Form completion

THURSDAY: ESA failed Work Capability Assessment appeals (failed medical assessment) and ESA50 Form completion & PIP Form completion

The GMLC caseworkers can advise, assist and represent people who are appealing against negative ESA decisions where there is:

  • Failure to attend a medical assessment
  • Failed medical assessment
  • Being put in the work-related activity group and not the support group
  • Sanctions
  • Right to reside
  • Overpayments

If you wish to refer to the services please contact us by phone 0161 769 2244 or email ku.gr1513128303o.wal1513128303mg@no1513128303itpec1513128303er1513128303.

Housing Legal Advice Clinic

Every second Friday of the month, 1.30-4pm

We are pleased to announce that Platt Halpern Solicitors will be providing free Housing Advice at MLGC to the residents of Greater Manchester.

First session: Friday 17th November 1.30-4pm.

After our first session, we will have monthly clinics on the second Friday of each month in the afternoon by appointment only, 1.30-4pm!

You must book an appointment, by calling 0161 769 2244, or emailing ku.gr1513128303o.wal1513128303mg@no1513128303itpec1513128303er1513128303.

Platt Halpern Solicitors will be offering advice to tenants and people in housing need in all areas of housing law.

We do not act for landlords.

We will deal with:

  • Possession Claims
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Disrepair
  • Unlawful Eviction/Harassment
  • Homelessness
  • Rehousing options
  • Owner Occupiers
  • Housing for People from Abroad


Employment Legal Advice Clinic

Every first Friday of the month, 1-5pm

Please book a 20-30 minute appointment by calling reception on 0161 769 2244 or emailing reception[at]

Here is some information about this service:

We are able to offer advice on any employment law related issue.

Employment law other than discrimination matters is not covered by legal aid so we are unable to provide representation.

Clients requiring this service cannot be a member of a trade union but if they are members of GMB, USDAW or CWU limited advice can be provided.
If you are a member of a trade union we recommend you contact your union in the first instance for any employment law advice.

What is covered in employment law?

  • Employment Contracts
  • Holiday Entitlement
  • Discrimination and Harassment
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave
  • Dismissal
  • Redundancies

Your rights cover amongst others:

  • Right to privacy in the workplace
  • Right to be free from discrimination and harassment of all types
  • Right to a safe workplace free of dangerous conditions, toxic substances, and other potential safety hazards
  • Right to be free from retaliation for filing a claim or complaint against an employer (these are sometimes called “whistleblower” rights)
  • Right to fair wages for work performed


DROP IN: Community Care Legal Advice with AGI

Every second Monday of the month, 12.30-4pm

We can only see the first 7 people on each day.

Please find below some information about this service:

What is community care law?

Community care refers to the support and services provided by the NHS or Local Authorities when you are ill, disabled or have a mental health condition. These services are for children, adults and older people.

What can we help with?

  • Getting an assessment of your needs for support at home or in the community
  • Accessing a mental health assessment
  • Resolving disagreements about your needs with professionals involved in your care
  • Getting the right support to meet your needs
  • Increasing your hours of support if you don’t have enough
  • Obtaining suitable housing
  • Obtaining support and services for carers
  • Reducing your care charges if you are struggling to afford them or feel they are too high
  • Getting equipment to help you at home
  • Getting an adaptation to your home so you can move around easily and safely
  • Support for disabled children and their families
  • Support for looked after children
  • Resolving problems with residential and nursing home placements or charges
  • Support for disabled asylum seekers
  • Safeguarding or capacity issues
  • Closure or reorganisation of your local services


Here is a list of all the services we will be launching soon.

23 May 2016