Fear and hope – “Brexit Shorts: Shattered” by Maxine Peake, featuring the Greater Manchester Law Centre

Shattered still 1


The Guardian recently commissioned well-known actress Maxine Peake to contribute to their pioneering series, Brexit Shorts , inspired by last year’s EU referendum result. You may recall a productive afternoon in March where Greater Manchester Law Centre Patron, Maxine Peake, joined us for our thoughts on the effects of Brexit. The meeting brought together insight from volunteers, members of our Management Committee and Supervising Solicitor who discussed what Brexit means for them and the clients we work with at GMLC. Soon after our meeting we hosted a Guardian film crew directed by Maxine, creating a buzz about the building.

The end product is Shattered. A brilliantly written short film written by Maxine, depicting Dalir, played by Nasser Memarzia, a-fictional-Immigration Lawyer working at the Greater Manchester Law Centre in the post-Brexit turbulence, still dedicated to relieving the plight of his client. Via Dalir, Maxine captures a feeling that Brexit has thrown into sharp relief; “it’s cruel and it’s vindictive”.

Whilst Dalir’s sentiments are rooted in an unfortunate reality where discrimination against the vulnerable is becoming increasingly prevalent we at the Greater Manchester Law Centre believe that generating a positive change is always possible. Although GMLC does not currently offer assistance with issues concerning Immigration Law, we campaign alongside organisations such as Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU) in support of people arriving to the UK fleeing discrimination and persecution. We campaign against all forms of racism.

We thank Greater Manchester Law Centre Patron Maxine Peake for her ongoing support and commitment to our campaign.