Editorial and Research Group Meeting: 6pm October 16th

6pm October 16th at our premises, 159 Princess Road.

All of our supporters and volunteers are welcome but you must let us know if you plan to attend: email development[at]gmlaw.org.uk

The launch of our Editorial and Research Group earlier this year was a resounding success. Our volunteers research and write articles on topical legal issues, which we then publish and share.

We paired students with professionals to make the most of our diverse volunteer base. These teams published sensitive and analytical pieces on the legal issues surrounding the Grenfell fire, on the causes of homelessness, and on the trials of those navigating the benefits system. These articles have been picked up by external news sources such as the Legal Voice, and widely shared on social media. Thank you to Chris, Heba, Jennifer, Sam, Eimear, Paul, Ben and Rosalie for their work.

At 6pm on October 16th, we will meet at our premises, 159 Princess Road, to compile teams for our next round of articles. If you are interested in joining us, please email development[at]gmlaw.org.uk

You can see our previous volunteer articles here:

If you have any ideas or suggestions about articles we should produce, please do not hesitate to email development[at]gmlaw.org.uk.