Agenda for Annual General Meeting



Greater Manchester  Law Centre* – Manchester Mechanics Institute, Tuesday 27th September 2016 from 6.30pm


  1. Welcome to all present and thanks to all who have become “Friends” or Members of the Law Centre – Chair, John Nicholson


  1. Apologies – Michael Mansfield, Andy Burnham MP, Julie Hesmondhalgh, Sara Harrity (AB Charitable Trust), Graham Brady MP, Jeff Smith MP, Julie Ward MEP


  1. OPENING DISCUSSION, including SUPPORTING GREETINGS –from Robert Lizar (Moss Side human rights lawyer and Patron of GMLC)


  1. Annual Report (below); discussion on plans for the future – including Norma Turner to describe the establishment of our (first?) offices at 159 Princess Road, Moss Side and to emphasise the importance of volunteers to the running of this centre


  1. Statement of Financial Situation and Approval of Accounts for 2015-16

(to be reported to the meeting)                                             Ian Wait (Treasurer)


  1. Formal Amendment to the Constitution (the Constitution was approved by Companies House last year, but the “objects” need amendment for our application to the Charity Commission); it is recommended that this amendment is supported.


  1. Membership Subscriptions – in line with the proposal put by the Management Committee to the Members Meeting in April 2016, it is recommended that there is an individual membership subscription charge (£20 waged / £5 unwaged per year) and that all members will be required to subscribe in this way following the date of this AGM in order to be full members.


  1. Appointment of Directors (nominations below – one third of the existing Directors must resign each year, and Ian Wait was co-opted during the year and must stand; Paul im Thurn and Sukhdeep Singh have been agreed by lot to retire and seek re-election; George Brown has retired and thanks to him for all his support); the Committee is able to admit all the nominations below (above plus Mala Wainwright).

It is therefore recommended that all these are elected to serve as Directors 2016-19.

NOTE: Directors will now serve for (up to) three years; they will retire on a rotating basis; one third will retire at the next AGM and so on.


  1. Any Other Business (to be notified to the Chair before the start of the meeting)


*Formally this is Greater Manchester Law Centre Steering Committee, until we gain full membership of the Law Centres Network (we have had “observer status” since the LCN’s AGM in January 2016).